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I have painted flowers for as long as I can remember and continue to experiment with the subject with ever-increasing abstraction. 


Shapes are taken from the simple pickings from a spring garden placed in a favourite vase on the kitchen table, window boxes brimming with ranunculus and pelargoniums, spring bulbs growing in glass jars or huge hydrangeas seen with strong light and the equivalent dark areas of shadow in between.  


Colours are inspired by weekend breaks, the buildings or boats, things seen in shop windows or the tiles in a café where I enjoyed a good coffee.

Sometimes I wonder if the flowers represent people, friends, or a way of processing emotions or happenings. Perhaps the vases represent harbour, safety, and nurture. A fallen petal symbolises the passing of time. Good day or bad, this too shall pass.


"It just makes me feel so happy whenever I look at it. "


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