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Born from a love of paint charts - all those tiny velvety squares and evocative names - and a response to how a virus affected our vocabulary and changed our lives, Colourful Language is about our connection with colour and our shared experiences. 

Early in the first lockdown it occurred to me that much of the language we were all using ​sounded like fancy paint colours; ‘Furlough’ ,’ Isolation’ , ’Distance’. The seed of an idea was planted.


Through conversations and playfulness, the project has morphed and grown into a range of limited edition prints, bespoke hand-painted samplers, and large-scale abstract canvases.


I'm not alone in feeling a strange nostalgia for those early lockdown days.  As our collective reality adjusts I hope this project prompts conversations and reflection, instigates a feeling of connection, or simply offers a little colour and humour.



Seven different designs are available to order as limited edition prints. All versions can be seen below.  If you’d rather not be reminded of 2020, there are two non-lockdown charts featuring words you use a lot when you become a parent or hit 50 - The New Patenting Palette or The Mid-Life Set.



Choose the colours from The Classic Lockdown Collection that most resonate for you and I’ll paint your very own chart, using high pigment super-matt paints on handmade paper. 

Please allow up to two weeks for creation and delivery.


Four Warned :  4  colour daubs  10 x 30 cm  £20

Rule of Six :  6  colour daubs   A4   £40

Quaran’Ten :  10  colour daubs   A3  £60

Drop me an email and let's discuss!



This body of work is constantly evolving  I am interested to see where it can go.  Having had the opportunity recently of discussing this  concept with visitors at various exhibitions  I am aware of the potential for connection and exploration


If you would like to collaborate on a project do get in touch as I'd love to hear from you.


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