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Growing up on the south coast, I have always been around water and boats.  Holidays and weekends were spent mucking about at the moorings my Grandma ran in Southwick harbour or cycling over the lock to the beach.  I loved the colours and sounds there; the clatter of the rigging, the salty air, and the reflections of light on the water. There was always something going on and someone making or fixing something. 


Spending recent summers in British seaside resorts inspired me to return to these influences with fresh eyes. Visits to Margate, Emsworth, Solva, Dartmouth, and Charlestown have given me a bucket of memories and compositional ideas to play with. 

I was particularly taken by the energy and views at the tidal road near Kingsbridge in Devon, and have returned there to absorb the atmosphere. 

This evolving series consists of abstract paintings and naive collages with hand-painted papers.



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