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In December 2019 my sons and I spent three wonderful weeks in Australia . We stayed with my beautiful family at their home on the Gold Coast, with stunning, slender palms lining the pool, dividing the garden from the park behind where so many tropical birds live. 

Lying in the hammock, eyes half closed, I watch the clean light dart through those golden palms. The leaves seem to dance as they move in the breeze, shooting golds and greens and blues and pinks all around.  I hear the kids' mega splashes as they jump in the pool.  Someone from my family is making coffee, chatting, and laughing.  Add the sounds of the birds and the breeze. I am in heaven.

I made some sketches in that hammock right then and took a ton of photos which I worked from in my studio to create this series.  I hope to return to this subject matter soon. 


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