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The way I create is not a straight line. I work in series, or projects, depending on mood or what has recently inspired me to paint. Acknowledging these different pockets of inspiration allows me to move between them as they influence each other.  

Flowers in Vases will always be a subject matter I return to as they are my foundation.  When inspiration strikes after a journey somewhere illuminating or an afternoon walk., these are my Sunshine & Stolen Moments paintings.

The  Colourful Language project explores the relationship between colour and emotions which led to exploring the 'conversations'  between colours and make larger abstract pieces. My Synesthesia Series began as a way to express how my brain organises upcoming events and memories.


You can discover more about the collections by clicking the respective images below.


I have long painted uplifting still lives. However, during the pandemic, painting colourful, joyous flowers felt wrong. I simply didn't have it in me. Instead, I sketched in my garden as it was such a great summer.  I watched shadows move on the patio as the sun shifted. I thought about painting, looked at the sea, took photos, spent time with my kids, and walked, alot. Other creative projects were born during that time but they were concepts, not paintings

When I returned to my studio it felt like I was starting again.  I had missed paint and what working with it feels like. I had a clear-out and moved things around. When I put out paints I chose new colours and brushes; things I was saving for 'special'.  I played different music. Loud. I danced.  And I played.

My paintings have a different energy now. They are bolder, more abstract, and even happier. Like me. They're about being in the moment. 

Exploring the subtle and contrasting relationships between colours and the emotions they evoke



A departure to a new freedom of expression, exploring the subtle and contrasting relationships between colours and the emotions they provoke.

They began as an experiment using my Colourful Language paints and are now taking flight on their own adventure.

Exploring the subtle and contrasting relationships between colours and the emotions they evoke

21.Chaise Longue.jpg

Inspired by time on the Gold Coast, Australia


The lovechild of contemporary lingo and our emotional connection with colour  


Attempts to visually describe my internal calendar synesthesia and mormory diaries

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