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A new collection of still-life and abstract floral paintings inspired by recent travels.


Spring / Summer 2020



Gallery owner Alice has devised various possibilities for customers who would like to see the works without physically visiting. She has been rotating the window displays on request to allow customers to see specific pieces and will deliver works locally for a ‘see before you buy’ option.  Free UK shipping is also being offered.


Alice will open the gallery by appointment for those who would still like to visit but only for two people at a time. Do get in touch with her should you require any of her socially distanced art viewing services. 

Hopefully these paintings will bring some cheer to your day or provide a memory jog of places you yourself have visited and inspire some future travel plans. We all have to dream after all! I've added a few lines of description to each piece to set the scene!

Perhaps there will be a painting here that you’d like to have in your home. I know I’m redecorating, tweaking and rehanging almost weekly at the moment as I have time to enjoy my space. 

Thank you for visiting.  


Something about the colours and shapes makes me think Jazz - it shouldn't work but it does. Someone once said that to me about my dress sense (back in my 20s) and I've never forgotten it. 

20.Lara Bowen.Jazz.25x30.jpg


This one is inspired by beautiful window boxes packed to the brim with ranunculus and pelargoniums. My aunt's garden in Carrara is like this; wonderful flowers growing in interesting ceramics and seen with strong like and the equivalent dark areas of shadow in between. 


This painting makes me think of old leather suitcases with stripy linings and silk scarves with prints of European landmarks on - the vintage sort a woman might wear to keep the hair from her eyes as she zoomed along in her open top sports car on a weekend escape to Cannes.  Feminism dreams.  

20.Lara Bowen.Travels.25x30.jpg


The first of the new 'small' series began with Pearl. Titled after the softest and palest pearl colours which provide calm in amongst the louder corals ... it reminds me of Alice from Hicks Gallery and her pearly blonde hair. 

20.Lara Bowen.Pearl.25x30.jpg


I love to listen to female singer songwriters when I paint and Suzanne Vega is one of my favourites. Her song Calypso was playing when this one came to life and it seems to fit perfectly. It's an achingly beautiful love story   - about the sea and a man and loss -  that I love as much now as when I was 16.

20.Lara Bowen.Calypso.25x30.jpg


Simply,  this is the optimism of the approaching spring but from a slightly lower physical viewpoint. Metaphorically, it was painted at a time when I could see very positive changes occurring in my life.  Despite recent events we have had time to fully enjoy the most glorious spring that I can recall. 

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