Cover Me In Sunshine     oil and charcoal on board   50 x 50 cm £1200

For me, 2020 was period of input not output.  I like to paint uplifting still lives, things that bring joy and colour, but I simply didn't have those things in me last year. Painting flowers felt wrong.  


I started other creative projects  but they were concepts as opposed to painting. I sketched in my garden as it was such a great summer.  I watched shadows move on the patio as the sun shifted. I thought about painting. I looked at the sea a lot. I took photos. I spent time with my kids and we walked. But I didn't want to go into my studio and paint flowers in vases. 

When I returned to work it felt like I was starting again. And I was hungry. I had missed paint and what working with it feels like. I had a clear out, moved things a round. When I put out paints I chose new colours and brushes. Things I was saving for 'special'.  I played different music. Loud.
I danced.  And I played.

These new painting have a different energy. They are bolder, more abstract and happier.  Like me. They're about being in the moment.